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Chrome Is The New Black


Whatever grades you've used to turn steel in the past, you'll be using TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 in the future. Representing an incredible leap in performance and productivity, these new grades will improve your operations as much as our original introduction of Duratomic did in 2007.


Chrome Is The New Black



TP2501: Versatile Productivity

§  Multi-capable grade for general steel-turning applications

§  Highly secure edge toughness behavior for unpredictable working conditions

TP1501: Balanced Productivity

§  Balances speed and productivity in low-alloy steel workpieces

§  High reliability and accuracy ensures consistent part quality

TP0501: High-Speed Productivity

§  Achieves exceptional speeds in high-alloy steel workpieces

§  Extreme heat resistance provides coolant-free high metal removal


TP Tin Image

Duratomic Tins & Test Inserts for Customers

We're offering test inserts via

Have You Seen the New TP Grades in Action?

See this one that illustrates the easy usage identification offered with our new Edge Intelligence.

tp brochure cover

Want to Learn More about the New Duratomic?


Download the new
Duratomic Turning for Steel brochure.

Or view this
video introduction of the new grades featuring Product Manager Chad Miller.


13003 Eckel Junction Rd.
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Phone: 419-872-4362
Toll Free: 888-900-4362