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13003 Eckel Junction Rd.
Perrysburg, OH 43551
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Band Saw Blades, Boring Bars, Broaches, Burnishing Tools, Carbide, Carbide Brazed Tools, Chamfering, Chasers, Countersinks, Cobalt, Cutoff Blades, Deburring Tools, Drills, Endmills, Endworking Tools, Form Tools, Grooving Tools, Gundrills, HSS, Hobs, Indexable Tooling, Inserts, Keyseat Cutters, Knurls, Milling Cutters, Port Tools, Reamers, Recessing, Routers, Shave Tools, Slotting Saws, Spotfacers, Taps, Thread Mills, Thread Rolls, Trepanning Tools and BLUE PRINT TOOLING.


Allen Benjamin – Carbide Taps/Specials

Form Roll Die Co. - Knurls

Morse Cutting Tools –Drills, Taps & Reamers

American Carbide Tool Co. – Brazed Tools

Fullerton Tool Co.Carbide Round Tools

MTE, Inc – Inserted Dovetail Tooling

American Saw – Special Carbide/HSS

Gaylee – Carbide Saws

Niagara Cutter – Carbide HSS Cobalt Tools

Besly – Taps, Dies and Drills

Geometric – Die Heads & Chasers

North American Tool – Taps/Dies/Gages

Big Kaiser Precision – Precision Boring

GreenfieldTaps & Dies and Drills

Premier Tooling Specail Tooling & Workholding

C.J. Winter – Thread Rolls & Heads

Greenfield Ind.Cle-Line/Vermont

Regal Cutting Tools – Taps, Drills, Reamers

Carbide Grinding Co.  Gorilla Mill

H Machining – Carbide Tipped Round Tools

Romay – Ceramic/Silicon Nitride Inserts

Chicago Latrobe – Drills

Horn USAPrecision Inserted Carbide

SECO ***Gold Star Distributor***

Cleveland Twist – Drills

K-ToolIndexable Tooling

Sevcal – Chatter-Free HSS Deburr Tooling

Controx – HSS/Cobalt Endmills

Lexington Cutter – Carbide/Tipped Rounds

Severance – Burs/Chamfer Tooling

Denitool – Specialty Inserted Carbide

Southeast Tool  - Wood/Plastic Routers

Elliott Burnishing Tools

M. Curry Co. – Precision Carbide Tooling

Sterling Gun Drills – Gun Drills

E & P Tools – Dovetail Form Tools

MA Ford – High Performance Carbide Round

Super Roll – Burnishing Tools

Everede Tool Co. – Inserted Tools

Melin Tool – Carbide & Cobalt HSS Tooling

Tool-Flo – Inserted Carbide

EZ Burr – Deburr Tools

M. K. Morse Co. – Saws & Blades

Viking Drill – HSS/Cobalt Drills

Form Tool – Inserted Form Tools

Moon Cutter – HSS Cutters

YG-1 – Carbide Rd./HSS/Workholding


13003 Eckel Junction Rd.
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Phone: 419-872-4362
Toll Free: 888-900-4362